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There’s a Tempest ‘n’ Tampa!

Team Duct Tape at 2008 TNT

Team Duct Tape at 2008 TNT

And Team Duct Tape’s going to be there!

Hosted by East Lake High School’s FRC Team 79 Krunch and the University of South Florida College of Engineering, the 3rd annual Tempest ‘N Tampa off-season robotics event at the USF Sun Dome October 23 & 24 will feature the 2009 FRC game challenge, as well as a VEX Robotics Competition tournament with the new game for the 2009/2010 season – Clean Sweep.

FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge teams, including Team Duct Tape,  will also be running new season scrimmage for FLLs Smart Moves, and FTCs Hot Shot! games,  making TNT a great opportunity to learn about the different types of robotics learning opportunities available to youth of all ages.

Tempest ‘n’ Tampa is free, so come out and say hello to Team Duct Tape and all the other robotics teams in town to celebrate some of the coolest STEM education programs around!

Thanks Coastal Caisson!

Team Duct Tape with Bryan Kamm, and intern Paul Wahnish

Team Duct Tape with Bryan Kamm, and intern Paul Wahnish

We enjoyed a remarkable  tour of the deep foundation preparation firm, Coastal Caisson, this morning.  Recently relocated right in our neck of the Florida woods, in Odessa, in Pasco county, Coastal Caisson provides foundation solutions all across the southeast.

We learned about everything from the different types of engineering fields employed big-equipmentby the company – civil, mechanical, geological, industrial, and materials, to name a few — to  how the company makes parts for, repairs and maintains all its own equipment — and it’s enormous equipment! — to the various forms of foundational solutions they use to meet different construction needs.

East Lake Team Krunch member and Coastal Caisson intern Mark Wahnish assists with tour

East Lake Team Krunch member and Coastal Caisson intern Mark Wahnish assists with tour

We especially enjoyed meeting East Lake High School intern, Mark Wahnish, son of Paul Wahnish, of the Career Technical Education Foundation, and an occasional, and always noble,  FTC opponent with his East Lake team, Team Krunch.  Mark has been helping with Coastal Caisson’s geothermal energy project.

Among Coastal Caisson’s developments is the technology to build underground

A basement in Florida!

A basement in Florida!

structures in Florida — a real challenge if you know anything about Florida and our close to the surface water table.  We descended into a prototype model complete with a spiral staircase and rich with possible uses as anything from a basement, to a hurricane shelter to a water storage unit.

Other exciting engineering developments Coastal Caisson is working include aluminum flood control systems, a variety of pile systems, and CSV Soil Stabilization.

Thanks, Coastal Caisson, for a deeply educational and inspiring visit. We’ll never look at big foundation services equipment the same way again!

Team Duct Tape to represent FTC at NETA Conference

FTC Team Duct Tape is honored to be joining FRC Team 79 Team Krunch, and FLL Teams 7649 and 1940, iRoboChicks and Radical RoboChicks, two all-girl teams sponsored by Girl Scout Troop 1315 , at the upcoming National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) conference on Jan. 14, at the Hyatt Regency in Tampa.

Billed as “The Meeting for Everyone in Public Television“, the NETA conference luncheon that day will feature Paul Gudonis, the president of FIRST , as the keynote speaker. Team Duct Tape is deeply honored to be representing the FIRST Tech Challenge program, and is looking forward to the opportunity to meet Mr. Gudonis at the event.

Team Duct Tape will be joined by mentors Paul Markun, of Tampa Technik, and Pete Grotsky, of the Florida West Coast Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers at the luncheon, to hear Mr. Gudonis speak. Afterwards, Team Duct Tape, Team Krunch and the two RoboChicks teams will be able to demonstrate their robots during an hour long Q&A for conference participants, and to answer questions about their experiences in FIRST.

This is a wonderful opportunity to help inform the national educational television community about FIRST and what an important and exciting program it is for youth of all ages, both from an academic perspective, with its strong emphasis on math, science and technology, and, with respect to the great experiences Team Duct Tape has had with mentors in the community and how connecting at the community level opens up so many opportunities for youth, and such great experiences for mentors.