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TDT Enjoys Outreach at Trinity Homeschool Center

explaining-the-robotTDT’s off-season schedule is already full with demos and FIRST outreach opportunities through June.  Our first stop was the Trinity Homeschool Center in Tampa, which held an Open House for prospective students and their families, to introduce them to the variety of educational opportunities available to them.  

Families and students enjoyed learning about FIRST opportunities and are looking into a 4H Science and Engineering club toenchanted-with-cubie support their interests. They’re as yet undecided as to whether they’ll attempt an FLL team or go with a weekly LEGO engineering club, but either way, Team Duct Tape is happy to provide mentoring support and guidance on the homeschool group’s STEM education journey.

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be heading over to the THINK homeschool cooperative to check in with our friends, FLL team TechnoForce, and demo Cubie for students there.

Team Duct Tape visits Trinity Homeschool Center Open House

demo-fieldTDT will be on hand to demo our robot and give families at the nearby Trinity Homeschool Center Open House a first hand look at FIRST Tech Challenge on Monday.  The homeschool group is interested in exploring ways to provide more STEM education to their member families, and feels FTC might provide the opportunities they’re seeking for their high school aged students. 

It’s always fun getting out in the community with the robot and sharing what’s great about FIRST.  Hopefully, Trinity homeschoolers will be able to incorporate FTC into their programs.