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Three Weeks and Not a Minute to Spare!

With a “to-do” list long as a new roll of duct tape, TDT members got right back to work after the ROBOT League Championship to evaluate lessons learned and improvements needed.   We’ve come a long way but the State Championship is a whole new game, with the playing field level and everything possible, and up against and with some of the best teams in the state.

Today, we got to share a bit of our story with B.C. Manion, a reporter for the Laker , and with 83 Degrees media about our upcoming visit to coolTech 2013.

Everyone’s got specific tasks they’ve taken ownership of, and a pretty tight timeline to get it all done. Mr. Adsit led team members on a project planning overview, similar to what he did with team members last year, to help everyone get a realistic view of what could be accomplished in the short time allotted us, always a good exercise!

Team members will be honing interview skills, tweaking Sheldon a bit (that’s Robot’s name!) , and working in full calendar of upcoming outreach events starting with Lockheed Martin E-week on February 20th, in Orlando, followed by the USF Engineering Expo on February 23 , followed by the Championship.  And the outreach roster is full when we get back, too, when we exhibit at the FRC Orlando Regional on March 9,  coolTech on March 14, and then at the Tampa Bay Mini Maker Faire on March 23.

And on top of that, we’re  fundraising, hoping to raise $2500 to help defray lodging, travel and other competition related costs on our journey to Daytona.

So we’ve got three weeks left before the State Championship and not a minute to spare between now and then.  What a great ride!



USF Engineering Expo Delivers Full House for FTC!

Hans Wolf, coach of team Minotaur, explains FIRST

 Organizers estimated 14000 visitors to the USF Engineering Expo over the past two days, making for standing room only 

TDT member Chris K giving a little robot education

 in the FIRST robotics room many times!  Today, the crowds were a little thinner, but pretty much nonstop all day long.  There’s clearly tremendous interest in STEM opportunities for youth, and our FIRST brochures flew off the tables. 

We shared the exhibit room with State Champions, Minotaur, and their Middleton companion team, Ayonius Tyfonas, along with Domino Effect, from St. Petersburg, and ran demo matches and info sessions from 9am until the event ended at 4pm.   

 Our robot proved as robust as ever, managing the toughest of all challenges, being driven by young children!  Everyone had a great time, though, and hopefully we’ll see some new FLL and FTC teams develop in the Tampa Bay area over the next year. 

Driving our robot was the biggest treat, and children lined up for a chance to use the controller.   It was definitely a full weekend, but one well spent, and all four FTC teams went home with honorable mention awards from the University of South Florida for our well enjoyed Expo exhibit.  

Next stop, eWeek at Lockheed Martin in Orlando on Thursday and the Tampa Bay Engineers Week Banquet next Friday, where Ken Johnson will be the Keynote speaker.  Can’t wait!  

Ayonius Typhonas, Team Duct Tape and Minotaur at USF Engineering Expo

TDT Heads to USF Engineering Expo 2011

 Team Duct Tape will be joining Florda FTC State Champions team Minotaur at the FIRST exhibit at the USF Engineering Expo on Friday and Saturday.  The Expo is free and provides K-12 students a great opportunity to meet and speak with local engineers, engineering student organizations at USF and showcases engaging math, science, engineering and technology youth of all ages can enjoy . The Expo features hands on exhibits and shows that help encourage more students to pursue fields in science and mathematics.  Visit http://expo.eng.usf.edu for more information and to see a schedule of events and programs.  And stop by the FIRST exhibit to say hi to TDT and Minotaur students, and try your hand at driving our robots!