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Check out TDT on NBC News Channel 8!


Click on picture above or here: Two area robotic teams in world competition.

NBC News Channel 8 Visit

Speaking with reporter Leigh Spann

Speaking with reporter Leigh Spann

The TDT practice garage was turned briefly into a news studio with NBC News Channel 8 (WFLA) meteorologist, Leigh Spann all-hands-on-deckcame to visit, to learn more about Team Duct Tape.   Ms. Spann brought a genuine interest and warmth to her reporting, taking time to learn about the team’s work, and FIRST robotics, and inviting students to walk her through the entire Hot Shot! game. The robot didn’t always cooperate (what’s new?) but it was a terrific opportunity to showcase everything that’s fun and exciting about FTC, from the build process to programming, to our signature Duck Tape geegaws.

Ms. Spann even highlighted the Engineering Notebook and student prototypes. It was one of the nicest interviews we’ve ever done, made especially memorable by a reporter and photographer who seemed truly interested in what they were sharing with others. Thank you, Ms. Spann and WFLA!

We’ll post here when the piece airs.

NBC News Channel 8 Visits

NBC News Channel 8 (WFLA)  meteorologist, Leigh Spann, contacted us earlier this week to ask about doing a story on Team Duct Tape.  We’re happy to oblige and will be running our robot for WFLA this morning.  We appreciate the opportunity to share FIRST with others!