Team Duct Tape Library

Here, we archive materials that we hope other teams and individuals might find useful. Some of the materials are FIRST related, others are materials we’ve developed ourselves, such as our Team Handbook, which we invite others to adapt for their own use, and we’ll also include team member sites here, as well.

Please note:  While we will make every effort to keep the latest FIRST manuals and documents on our site, the documents we’ve uploaded here are for reference only, and we can’t guarantee we won’t miss an update.  The FIRST FTC game page is the official source of all competition related rules, regulations, manuals and documents.

Team Duct Tape Team Docs

Team Duct Tape Resources

FIRST in Florida

 Visit the FIRST in Florida  website for news and information about all the programs.

Florida FTC Resources

All Around Handy Resources

Other FTC Game Resources

2019-20 Season – Skystone!

Full game resources at FIRST Skystone Game Materials page.

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